Cost of 100 Hour Service Yamaha Outboard – Exceeding $500😱

The cost of the 100-hour service for the 2001 – Current 3.3L V6 Yamaha outboard motor is $689 per motor. 

This service includes tasks such as replacing spark plugs, replacing anodes, inspecting thermostats, lubricating grease fittings, inspecting, removing, and lubricating the propeller shaft, and conducting a visual inspection. By investing in this service, you can help extend the life of your outboard motor and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Below I am explaining the cost of 100 hour service Yamaha outboard with more detail. 

Cost of 100 Hour Service Yamaha Outboard

Regular maintenance is an essential aspect of owning a Yamaha outboard engine. One of the critical services that help keep the outboard running smoothly is the 100-hour service. It allows you to identify potential problems early, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

For the 2001 – Current 3.3L V6 Yamaha outboard motor, the 100-hour service includes several crucial tasks, costing $689 per motor. It builds upon the 20-hour service, which includes an oil and filter change, gear oil change, and a general inspection of the engine. At the time of the 100-hour service, the mechanics repeat the 20-hour service tasks. It includes inspecting the engine’s cooling system, steering system, and control cables.

The service also involves replacing spark plugs, which play a critical role in the engine’s combustion process. If spark plugs become fouled or damaged, they can cause misfires or even engine damage. During the 100-hour service, the spark plugs are removed, cleaned, and inspected for wear and damage. If necessary, they are replaced.

Anodes, which protect the engine from corrosion caused by the electrolysis that occurs in saltwater, are also replaced during the service. The thermostat, responsible for regulating the engine’s operating temperature, is inspected for proper operation.

The grease fittings on the engine are lubricated, preventing wear and ensuring optimal performance. The propeller shaft, which transmits power from the engine to the propeller, is inspected, removed, and lubricated to ensure proper functioning. Lastly, a visual inspection is conducted to identify potential issues since the last service.

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Cost of 25 Hour Service Yamaha Outboard 

Maintaining your Yamaha outboard engine is essential to ensure that it is running efficiently and reliably. One of the most important services you can provide to your outboard motor is the 25-hour service. The 25-hour service is an opportunity to catch any potential problems early and keep your outboard running smoothly for years to come.

The 25-hour service for the 2001 – Current 3.3L V6 Yamaha outboard motor includes several essential tasks. The cost of this service is $399 per motor, and it covers the following:

Replace Engine oil, oil filter and Gear oil: The engine oil and gear oil should be replaced every 100 hours of operation or annually, whichever comes first. However, during the 25-hour service, the service providers replace the engine oil, oil filter, and gear oil.

Clean Spark Plugs: Removing, cleaning, and inspecting the spark plugs for wear and damage also includes in the service.

Replace boat-mounted fuel filter: A boat-mounted fuel filter is used to prevent any contaminants in the fuel from reaching the engine. During the 25-hour service, the fuel filter is replaced to ensure that the engine is receiving clean fuel.

Inspect, remove, and lube the propeller shaft: During the 25-hour service, the propeller shaft undergoes inspection, removal, and lubrication to ensure its proper functioning throughout the 25-hour service.

Visual Inspection: The mechanic conducts a visual inspection during the 25-hour service. It is to identify any potential issues that arises since the last service. This inspection includes checking the engine’s cooling system, steering system, and control cables, among other things.

Cost of 200 Hour Service Yamaha Outboard

As a Yamaha outboard engine owner, regular maintenance is essential to keep your motor running smoothly. Plus, one of the most comprehensive services you can opt for is the 200-hour service. It helps identify any potential issues. And it ensures that the outboard motor remains reliable and delivers optimal performance.

For the 2001 – Current 3.3L V6 Yamaha outboard motor, the 200-hour service costs $889 per motor. It includes all the tasks performed during the 100-hour service, such as replacing spark plugs and anodes, inspecting the thermostat, lubricating grease fittings, and inspecting and lubricating the propeller shaft.

In addition, the fuel pump is inspected during the 200-hour service to ensure that it is functioning correctly. The impeller and water pump housing are replaced to maintain proper water flow to the engine’s cooling system. A faulty water pump can lead to engine overheating, which can cause significant damage to the outboard motor.

Finally, the mechanics inspect, remove and lubricate the propeller shaft to ensure proper functioning. The inspection includes checking for any damage or wear that could potentially cause issues in the future.

Yamaha 20 Hour Service Cost

Yamaha 20 Hour Service Cost

Yamaha 20 Hours service cost is range from $200 to $400 or more.

The Yamaha 20-hour service would typically include several tasks, such as replacing the engine oil, oil filter, and gear oil, cleaning or replacing spark plugs, replacing the boat-mounted fuel filter, inspecting and greasing the propeller, and conducting a visual inspection of the boat.

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Now before I finish the article here’s a quick table on the cost of 100 hour service Yamaha outboard –

ServiceCost per Motor
Yamaha 20 hour service cost$200-400
Yamaha 25-hour service cost$399
Yamaha 100-hour service cost$689
Yamaha 200-hour service cost$889

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