Eurodam vs Koningsdam: Which Ship for the Next Cruise?

Eurodam and Koningsdam are two of Holland America Line’s most popular cruise ships. Both ships offer a luxurious experience and a variety of amenities to passengers, but there are some key differences between them.

Firstly, Koningsdam is a larger ship with a passenger capacity of 2,650, compared to Eurodam’s 2,104. Secondly, Koningsdam has a more modern design, while Eurodam has a more traditional style. When it comes to dining options, Koningsdam offers more variety, including a seafood brasserie, a Dutch café, and a sushi bar, while Eurodam has fewer options.

In this article, I’ll compare Eurodam and Koningsdam across several categories. So, reading this article you will be able to decide which ship is right for your next cruise.

Eurodam vs Koningsdam: Quick Comparison

First. I’ll add some tables to give you a quick overview between Eurodam vs Koningsdam.

Eurodam vs Koningsdam: Ship Profile & Stats

Cruise LineHolland America LineHolland America Line
Ship TypeCruise ShipCruise Ship
Line ClassPremiumPremium
Year Built20082016
Year Last Refurbished
Capacity2,104 passengers2,650 passengers
Gross Tonnage86,27399,500
Length936 ft975 ft
Beam105.8 ft114.8 ft
Nationality of OfficersEuropean
Nationality of CrewFilipino, Indonesian
Number of Crew8761,036

Eurodam vs Koningsdam: On-Board Recreation

On-Board RecreationEurodamKoningsdam
Outdoor Pools2

Eurodam vs Koningsdam: Dining Spec

Dining Choices• The Dining Room
Tamarind Restaurant (Asian Cuisine)
• Canaletto (Italian Cuisine)
• The Dining Room
• Lido Market
• Pinnacle Grill
Dining Room Capacity1,114
Tamarind Capacity142

Eurodam vs Koningsdam: Entertainment 

EntertainmentThe Mainstage: Variety acts (Capacity: 890)
Crow’s Nest: Observation lounge (Capacity: 165)
Lincoln Center Stage: Chamber music
Explorations Cafe: Coffee bar, library, internet
Ocean Bar: Music (Capacity: 150)
• B B King’s Blues Club
Rolling Stone Rock Room: Live music
Lincoln Center Stage: Chamber music
• B B King’s Blues Club
Billboard Onboard: Live music
• World Stage
BLEND: Blend your own wine
The Mainstage Capacity890
Crow’s Nest Capacity165
Lincoln Center Capacity
Explorations Cafe Capacity113
Ocean Bar Capacity150
B B King’s Blues Club Capacity

Koningsdam vs Eurodam: In-depth Comparison

Eurodam vs Koningsdam

Now, I’ll talk about them in proper detail.

Ship Design and Layout

The Eurodam and Koningsdam are both stunning ships, with modern and elegant design elements. The Eurodam can accommodate up to 2,104 passengers, while the Koningsdam can hold up to 2,650 passengers. Despite being larger, the Koningsdam is designed to create a more intimate feel, with smaller public spaces and more outdoor deck space for passengers. The Eurodam, on the other hand, has a more traditional cruise ship design, with larger public spaces and fewer outdoor deck areas.

Winner: Koningsdam


Both the Eurodam and Koningsdam offer a range of stateroom options, including interior, oceanview, balcony, and suites. However, the Koningsdam has a larger selection of staterooms, including several new stateroom categories such as the Family Oceanview stateroom, which can accommodate up to five guests.

The Koningsdam also features a higher percentage of staterooms with private balconies, offering passengers more options for enjoying the views.

Winner: Koningsdam


Both ships offer a variety of dining options, including main dining rooms, specialty restaurants, and casual eateries. The Eurodam has fewer specialty restaurants than the Koningsdam, with just one alternative dining option, the Pinnacle Grill.

However, Eurodam’s dining options are still impressive, with a range of menus and cuisines to choose from. The Koningsdam, on the other hand, has a wider range of dining options, including the Culinary Arts Center, which features cooking demonstrations and classes, and the Grand Dutch Cafe, which serves Dutch specialties such as poffertjes and bitterballen.

Winner: Koningsdam


Both the Eurodam and Koningsdam offer a range of entertainment options, including live music, shows, and casinos.

However, the Koningsdam has a more diverse selection of entertainment options, including the World Stage theater, which features a 270-degree LED screen and immersive performances, as well as the Music Walk, which features three venues for live music. The Eurodam’s entertainment options are still enjoyable, but they are more traditional cruise ship offerings.

Winner: Koningsdam

Overall Winner: Koningsdam

While the Eurodam and Koningsdam are both excellent cruise ships, the Koningsdam offers a more modern and diverse experience. With a wider range of dining, entertainment, and accommodation options, as well as a more intimate ship design, the Koningsdam is the clear winner in this versus article. However, if you prefer a more traditional cruise experience, Eurodam may still be the better choice for you.

I mentioned my winner but it may happen you haven’t liked any of them. Don’t worry, I’ve published another article on Westdram vs Eurodam. You can just the article for another cruise option.

Good luck!

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