Eurodam vs Nieuw Amsterdam: Overcome Your Confusions!

Holland America Line is known for its premium cruise ships that offer passengers the ultimate luxurious experience. Two of its most popular vessels are the Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam. While both ships offer similar amenities and services, there are some notable differences that may appeal to different types of travelers.

Eurodam appeal more to those who prefer more specialty dining options and a slightly more diverse entertainment selection. On the other hand, the Nieuw Amsterdam is more appealing to those who enjoy live music and the Pinnacle Bar.

Well, it’s not everything. There are a lot more aspects to compare between Eurodam vs Nieuw Amsterdam. In this article, I’ve covered everything related to this topic. So, read on.

Eurodam vs Nieuw Amsterdam: Quick Comparison

First I’ll start sharing some essential tables just like I did while comparing Eurodam with Koningsdam. So, let’s check it out.

Eurodam vs Nieuw Amsterdam – Basic Information

CriteriaEurodamNieuw Amsterdam
Cruise LineHolland America LineHolland America Line
Ship TypeCruise ShipCruise Ship
Line ClassPremiumPremium
Year Built20082010
Year Last Refurbished
Capacity2,104 passengers2,106 passengers
Gross Tonnage86,27386,700
Length936 ft936 ft
Beam105.8 ft105.8 ft
Average Speed22 knots22 knots
Inside Cabins155156
Outside Cabins897897
Nationality of OfficersEuropean
Nationality of CrewFilipino, Indonesian
Number of Crew876874

Nieuw Amsterdam vs Eurodam – On-Board Recreation

CriteriaEurodamNieuw Amsterdam
Indoor Pools1
Outdoor Pools22

Nieuw Amsterdam vs Eurodam – Dining Choices

CriteriaEurodamNieuw Amsterdam
The Dining Room CuisineInternational (Capacity: 1,114)Continental
Tamarind Restaurant CuisineAsian (Capacity: 142)Asian
Canaletto CuisineItalian (Capacity: 64)Italian

Eurodam vs Nieuw Amsterdam – Entertainment

CriteriaEurodamNieuw Amsterdam
The MainstageVariety acts (Capacity: 890)Live entertainment, variety acts
Crow’s NestObservation lounge (Capacity: 165)
Lincoln Center StageChamber musicChamber music
Explorations CafeCoffee bar, library, internet (Capacity: 113)
Ocean BarMusic (Capacity: 150)
B B King’s Blues ClubB B King’s Blues Club
Billboard OnboardLive music
Pinnacle BarPinnacle Bar

Eurodam vs Nieuw Amsterdam: Detailed Comparison

Eurodam vs Nieuw Amsterdam

By now, observing the tables you should be familiar with the following cruise ships. However, now I’ll extensively describe the comparisons what I did while explaining Eurodam vs Westerdam. 

Ship Size and Capacity

The Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam are nearly identical in size and capacity. Both ships have 11 decks and a gross tonnage of around 86,000.

They can each accommodate just over 2,100 passengers, making them medium-sized vessels that offer a more intimate experience compared to some of the larger mega-ships in the industry.

Dining Options

When it comes to dining options, both ships offer a mix of international and specialty restaurants. The Eurodam boasts three specialty dining venues, including the Tamarind Restaurant, Canaletto, and the Pinnacle Grill, which serves upscale cuisine.

On the other hand, the Nieuw Amsterdam offers two specialty restaurants, the Canaletto and the Tamarind, but also has the Dining Room, which offers continental cuisine. So, if you’re looking for a more varied selection of specialty dining options, the Eurodam might be the better choice.

On-Board Recreation

Both ships offer a range of indoor and outdoor activities to keep passengers entertained throughout their voyage. The Eurodam has two outdoor swimming pools, while the Nieuw Amsterdam has one indoor and two outdoor pools. The Eurodam also has a spa, a casino, and a variety of entertainment venues, including the Mainstage, the Crow’s Nest, the Lincoln Center Stage, and B.B. King’s Blues Club.

The Nieuw Amsterdam has a similar selection of on-board activities, including the Mainstage, the Crow’s Nest, the Lincoln Center Stage, and B.B. King’s Blues Club, as well as a casino and the Pinnacle Bar.

Crew and Service

The crew on both ships is primarily composed of Filipino and Indonesian workers. However, the nationality of the officers on the Eurodam is European, while it’s not specified on the Nieuw Amsterdam. In terms of service, both ships are known for providing exceptional hospitality and attention to detail, which is typical of Holland America Line’s premium-class ships.

Nieuw Amsterdam vs Eurodam


Overall, Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam are both excellent choices for travelers seeking a luxurious and intimate cruise experience. While both ships are very similar in size, capacity, and amenities, it’s up to the individual traveler to decide which ship suits their preferences best.

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