Honda bf225 Fuel pump No Power: 6 Possible Reasons

Outboard motors are the heart of boats, and their proper functioning is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable boating experience. However, sometimes, issues arise that can make the outboard motor’s performance less than optimal. One such issue that many boaters face is the problem of the fuel pump getting no power at full throttle in the Honda BF225 outboard motor. The causes of this problem can range from a clogged fuel filter to a faulty fuel pump, and the solutions can vary accordingly.

In this article, I’ll address the reasons behind this bf225 Fuel pump no power problem and suggest possible solutions.

Quick Overview: bf225 Fuel Pump No Power 

Fuel Pump FailureReplace fuel filter
Faulty fuel pumpReplace fuel pump
Dirty fuel tankClean the fuel tank regularly
Blown fuseReplace the fuse
Faulty fuel pump relayTest the relay and swap it
Wiring issuesReplace the damaged wire
Faulty ECMCheck and replace the ECM

Reasons and Solutions of bf225 Fuel Pump Getting No Power

The Honda BF225 outboard motor has a fuel pump that is responsible for delivering fuel from the gas tank to the engine. At full throttle, the fuel demand of the engine increases, and the fuel pump must supply the required amount of fuel to the engine. If the fuel pump fails to deliver the required amount of fuel at full throttle, it can cause various problems, including stalling, misfires, and poor performance.

Reason 1: Fuel Pump Failure

Fuel Pump Failure

One of the most common reasons for fuel pump failure at full throttle is a clogged fuel filter. Over time, debris and sediment can accumulate in the fuel filter, reducing its effectiveness and eventually clogging it. A clogged fuel filter can restrict the flow of fuel to the engine, causing the fuel pump to work harder than usual to maintain the required fuel pressure at full throttle. This increased workload can cause the fuel pump to fail, resulting in a loss of power at full throttle.

If you are facing the problem of a fuel pump failure and no power at full throttle in your Honda BF225 outboard motor, there are several possible solutions to consider. One solution is to replace the fuel filter. A new fuel filter will ensure that the fuel flow to the engine is not restricted, reducing the workload on the fuel pump and prolonging its life.

Another solution is to replace the fuel pump. A new fuel pump will ensure that the engine receives the required amount of fuel at full throttle, resulting in better performance and fewer problems. However, replacing the fuel pump can be expensive, and it is essential to ensure that it is the root cause of the problem before investing in a new pump.

Reason 2: Faulty Fuel Pump

Another common cause of no power at the fuel pump is a faulty fuel pump. Like any mechanical component, fuel pumps can wear out over time, resulting in a loss of performance. A faulty fuel pump can also cause low fuel pressure, which can result in a loss of power or no power at full throttle.

To solve the issue it’s important to ensure that the fuel tank is clean and free of debris. Debris in the fuel tank can find its way into the fuel filter and the fuel pump, causing blockages and reduced performance. Regular cleaning of the fuel tank can help prevent these problems and prolong the life of the fuel pump. 

And the final solution is to replace the faulty fuel pump.

Reason 3: Blown fuse

The fuel pump circuit in the Honda BF225 outboard motor is protected by a fuse. If the fuse is blown, the fuel pump will not receive power. Check the fuse and replace it if necessary.

Reason 4: Faulty fuel pump relay

Honda bf225 Fuel pump No Power

The fuel pump relay is responsible for sending power to the fuel pump. If the relay is faulty, it can prevent the fuel pump from receiving power. Check the relay by swapping it with a known good relay or testing it with a multimeter.

Reason 5: Wiring issues

The fuel pump may not be receiving power due to issues with the wiring, such as a broken or corroded wire. Check the wiring harness for damage and corrosion, and repair or replace any damaged wires.

By replacing the faulty wire you can fix the 115 Hp Mercury 2 Stroke Intermittent Beeping problem. For more, you can check my other article on 115 HP Mercury 2 stroke Problems.

Reason 6: Faulty engine control module (ECM)

The ECM is responsible for controlling the fuel pump relay and providing power to the fuel pump. If the ECM is faulty, it may not be sending power to the fuel pump. Check the ECM by testing it with a diagnostic tool or replacing it if necessary.

DIagonosing and Fixing the issue: bf225 Fuel Pump No Power 

The first step in diagnosing the issue is to ensure that no alarms are going off and that the green oil light is on while underway. Once that is done, there are several simple things that can be checked to identify the problem.

The first step is to check the external fuel-water separator and drain or replace it if required. This step ensures that there is no blockage in the fuel system. The next step is to open the gas filler cap while underway and check if the problem clears up. If it does, there is a clogged breather tube in the tank.

At the point where power is stalling out, the pump-up bulb should be checked. If it is flat, there is a partially clogged pick-up tube in the gas tank. Running a clear plastic line from the pump-up bulb to the onboard fuel-water separator will help determine if there are any air bubbles in the line while running.

The onboard fuel-water separator and low-pressure fuel filter should be drained and checked. Additionally, the VST should be drained by opening the set screw slowly and letting the gas, water, and gunk drain out. If there is any water or gunk, the fuel-water separator and low-pressure fuel filter should be replaced. The high-pressure filter should also be replaced, which sits on top of the fuel pump and is held in place with three 5mm screws.

After trying the recommended fixes, go through the injectors and high-pressure fuel pump, and make sure that all is clean. However, now try to run the engine for the first time. Is the #1 coil melted? If so then the recommended fix for this issue was to check the #6 fuse, which is 15 Amp.

Coils are generally reliable and rugged, and it is uncommon to see a coil melt. The voltage going into the coil is insufficient to melt it, so it is likely an internal fault in the coil. Additionally, if the input voltage spiked, it would have blown the 15A fuse. Therefore, I recommend to get an expert Honda technician to address this issue.

Hopefully, by maintaining the following steps and fixes you can diagnose and fix the  bf225 Fuel Pump No Power problem. Before saying bye-bye, if you own Blue Wave Boat, you may like to read this my article – Issues of Blue Wave Boat.

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