Noordam vs Westerdam vs Oosterdam: Westerdam Got 5!

Noordam, Westerdam, and Oosterdam are all premium cruise ships operated by Holland America Line. While they share many similarities in terms of size and amenities, there are some notable differences between Noordam vs Westerdam vs Oosterdam.

In this comparison article, we will take a closer look at each ship’s Ship Profile & Stats, On-Board Recreation, Dining Choices, and Entertainment to help you decide which ship is the best for your next cruise.

Noordam vs Westerdam vs Oosterdam: Quick Overview

Let’s start by comparing them based on different criteria using tables. The same method I tried while comparing Nieuw Amsterdam and Eurodam.

Noordam vs Westerdam vs Oosterdam: Ship Profile & Stats

Cruise LineHolland America LineHolland America LineHolland America Line
Ship TypeCruise ShipCruise ShipCruise Ship
Line ClassPremiumPremiumPremium
Year Built200420062003
Year Last Refurbished20172017
Capacity1,964 passengers1,972 passengers1,964 passengers
Gross Tonnage82,34882,31882,305
Length936 ft936 ft936 ft
Beam105.8 ft105.8 ft105.8 ft
Average Speed24 knots24 knots24 knots
Inside Cabins154162160
Outside Cabins804824822
Number of Crew810811812

Westerdamvs Noordam vs Oosterdam: On-Board Recreation

Indoor Pools1
Outdoor Pools222

Westerdam vs Noordam vs Oosterdam: Dining Choices

Lido MarketCapacity: 420Capacity: 446
The Dining RoomCuisine: ContinentalCuisine: ContinentalCuisine: Continental
Pinnacle GrillCuisine: Pacific NorthwestCuisine: Pacific NorthwestCuisine: Pacific Northwest

Westerdam vs Noordam vs Oosterdam: Entertainment

Crow’s NestObservation loungeObservation view, nightclubObservation lounge/nightclub
The MainstageThe Mainstage
Lincoln Center StageLive chamber musicChamber musicChamberl music
Billboard OnboardLive musicLive musicLive music
Pinnacle BarWine bar
B B King’s Blues ClubLive musicLive musicLive music
Ocean BarOcean Bar

Noordam vs Westerdam vs Oosterdam: In-depth Comparison

Now let’s discuss them with proper explanation.

Ship Profile & Stats

Westerdam vs Noordam vs Oosterdam

All three ships were built around the same time and have similar dimensions, with the same length, beam, and average speed. However, there are some differences in the number of decks, capacity, and gross tonnage. Noordam and Westerdam have 11 decks, while Oosterdam has 10 decks. The capacity of Noordam and Oosterdam is 1,972 passengers, while Westerdam can accommodate up to 1,964 passengers. Noordam and Westerdam have a gross tonnage of 82,318 and 82,348, respectively, while Oosterdam’s gross tonnage is slightly lower at 82,305.

On-Board Recreation

All three ships offer outdoor pools, a spa, and a casino. However, Westerdam is the only ship with an indoor pool, while Noordam and Oosterdam have two outdoor pools. Additionally, Noordam and Westerdam have a Crow’s Nest observation lounge, while Oosterdam has an Ocean Bar. Noordam also offers a nightclub, while Westerdam has a dedicated Pinnacle Bar. Overall, the ships have similar recreational options, with some minor differences in specific venues.

Dining Choices

Noordam, Westerdam, and Oosterdam all offer the same dining choices, including Lido Market, The Dining Room, and Pinnacle Grill. Lido Market is a casual dining venue, while The Dining Room offers a more formal dining experience. Pinnacle Grill specializes in Pacific Northwest cuisine and is an additional fee. The only difference is the capacity of each venue. For example, Noordam’s Lido Market has a capacity of 446, while Westerdam’s Lido Market has a capacity of 420.


All three ships offer a variety of entertainment options, including live music, chamber music, and stage performances. However, there are some differences in specific venues. For example, Noordam and Westerdam have a Lincoln Center Stage for live chamber music, while Oosterdam has an Ocean Bar. Noordam also has a dedicated nightclub, while Westerdam has a Pinnacle Bar. All three ships have a B.B. King’s Blues Club and Billboard Onboard for live music.

Next, I’ve got a verdict for you. But before that, if you want you can check my other article on – Eurodam vs Koningsdam   

Final Verdict

Overall, Noordam, Westerdam, and Oosterdam are very similar in terms of amenities and offerings. Each ship has its own unique features, but they all share the same high level of service and quality that Holland America Line is known for.

Based on the comparison above, it is difficult to say which ship is the best, as it largely depends on personal preferences. However, if I was to rate the ships based on the available amenities, I would give the slight edge to Westerdam due to its additional indoor pool and dedicated Pinnacle Bar. That being said, all three ships offer a fantastic cruise experience, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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