Best Prop for 90 HP Mercury – 5 Props Covered It All

The 90-hp Mercury engine demands highly durable, lightweight props, suitable for both 2 and 4-stroke engines. Now, if you’re not set on a particular brand or model of prop and wondering which one to get, we’re here to help. 

We bring you the 5 best props for 90-HP Mercury you can get in 2024. I have updated this one for the new year. :

  • SOLAS New Saturn 1431-140-11
  • SOLAS 1411-130-19 Amita
  • Mercury Spitfire
  • Qiclear 48-77344A45
  • Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine 48-77342A45

Now, what makes them the best of the rest? Take a dive into the details of each of the props and find out why buying them makes sense for your 90-hp mercury!

Best Prop for 90 HP Mercury 2 stroke: Quick Review

Let’s start by reviewing the best propellers for Mercury 90Hp 2 Stroke boats. First, here’s a quick comparison table.

PropellerRemarksPitchBladesCheck Now
SOLAS New Saturn 1431-140-11Best Prop for 2-Stroke Engine113Check on Amazon
SOLAS 1411-130-19 Amita 3Best Acceleration and top speed193Check on Amazon

1. SOLAS New Saturn 1431-140-11

Best Prop for 2-Stroke Engine

SOLAS New Saturn


  • Diameter: 14”
  • Pitch: 11
  • Blade: 3
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Rotation: Right Hand
  • Finish: Natural stainless steel silver colored

The Solas New Saturn 14″ Stainless Steel Prop turns out to be quite the performer.

First off, let’s talk about the design. The NEW SATURN 1431-140-11 Traditional Rubber hub gives the prop a solid foundation, offering you an all-around great performance. 

You also get a decent acceleration with the Solas New Saturn which picks up speed quite fast. The large ear blade design is a neat feature that seems to contribute to its efficiency.

One thing that stood out to me was the smoothness of the operation. The propeller feels well-balanced, and there’s no noticeable vibration or wobbling. 

SOLAS also claims to use advanced CAD, CAM, and CAE technologies to ensure top-notch precision in their products, which kind of shows in the New Saturn’s performance.

But the key selling point of the SOLAS New Saturn seems to be its durability. Compared to SOLAS 1411-130-19 Amita 3’s aluminum finish, New Saturn boasts stainless steel which makes it almost resistant against any physical damage.

Paired with 90 HP Mercury, the prop fits pretty well. 

This propeller is made from stainless steel, and SOLAS seems to have gone the extra mile to make it tough. 

A high percentage of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum forms their stainless steel props, which makes them resistant to rust from saltwater exposure. 


  • Built from a highly durable mixture of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum
  • Rust resistant
  • High precision performance
  • Large ear blade design


  • Expensive

2. SOLAS 1411-130-19 Amita 3

Best Acceleration and top speed

SOLAS Amita 3


  • Diameter: 13”
  • Pitch: 19
  • Blade: 3
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Rotation: Right Hand
  • Finish: Squeeze cast aluminum prop

We’re giving the second place to yet another SOLAS prop for your 90 HP Mercury. And this time, it’s the 19-pitch SOLAS 1411-130-19 Amita 3.

In contrast to SOLAS New Saturn, the SOLAS 1411-130-19 Amita 3 comes with an Aluminum build, which makes it an affordable pick for everyone. It costs one-third of what New Saturn does. 

However, the squeeze-cast aluminum finish makes the prop more durable compared to other similar aluminum props in the market. It also helps the boat reach decent acceleration.

The 3-blade prop is great for reaching top speed with better efficiency than the SOLAS New Saturn, thanks to having a higher pitch.

Here’s only a drawback. Just avoid reaching critical horsepower as it can bend your SOLAS 1411-130-19 Amita 3. Also, it might not be the most durable one.


  • Exclusive squeeze cast process
  • Good acceleration and top speed
  • Strong blades


  • Not that durable
  • Can bend at high horsepower

Best Prop for 90hp Mercury 4 Stroke: Quick Overview

If you have got a 2005 90hp mercury 4-stroke saltwater outboat then we’ve got 3 recommendations for you. Check it out below.

PropellerRemarksPitchBladesCheck Now
Mercury SpitfireBest Prop for 4-Stroke Engine174Check on Amazon
Qiclear 48-77344A45Best Budget Pick173Check on Amazon
Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine 48-77342A45Best Performance Prop153Check on Amazon

3. Mercury Spitfire 488M8026590

Best Prop for 4-Stroke Engine

Mercury Spitfire


  • Diameter: 16.5”
  • Pitch: 17
  • Blade: 4
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Rotation: Right Hand
  • Finish: Black finish

First off, the Mercury Spitfire is “Made in America”, so you know what you’re getting. 

The Spitfire is designed keeping easy installation in mind. It can get you running at top speed faster than 3-blade props. 

This is built specifically for boaters using mid-range 90HP outboards including aluminum fishing and pontoon boats.

Compared to Qiclear 48-77344A45, which is also 17 pitch, you get a strong holeshot from Spitfire, making it a better pick for rapid acceleration.

4-blades gives your 90-hp mercury better handling and grip at low speeds as well!


  • Easy to install
  • Better handling at a lower speed
  • Good fuel economy
  • Powerful holeshot


  • Not highly durable
  • Can take damage from debris

4. Qiclear 48-77344A45

Best Budget Pick

Qiclear 48-77344A45


  • Diameter: 13 ¼ ”
  • Pitch: 17
  • Blade: 3
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Rotation: Right Hand
  • Finish: Vacuum Casting

Qiclear 48-77344A45 propeller stands out for its high-quality aluminum construction, incorporating vacuum casting and a five-layer surface processing. 

The heat-treated paddle blade guarantees remarkable toughness, reducing the risk of breakage. Its vacuum-casting finish makes it more durable than the Mercury Spitfire.

It’s also a great prop for fuel efficiency, thanks to great RPM, saving you a fortune in the long run. 

It was really easy to install and was a great fit for the boat. 

With it, you get an 18-month free replacement guarantee for blade fractures and bush slipping from the manufacturer. 

Although there are some concerns about performance issues during sharp turns, with the boat momentarily coming to a halt and the motor appearing to lack resistance. 

This contrasts with solo driving, where performance remained consistent.


  • Speeds up quickly 
  • Great prop for fuel efficiency
  • 18-month free replacement guarantee


  • Loses momentum from sharp turns
  • May vibrate at a higher speed

5. Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine 48-77342A45

Best Performance Prop

Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine


  • Diameter: 13 ¾ ”
  • Pitch: 15
  • Blade: 3
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Rotation: Right Hand
  • Finish: Black Aluminum finish

If you’re up for the aesthetics aside from performance, the Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine 48-77342A45 is just the right prop for your 90-hp Mercury!

Designed for Mercury Outboard Engines ranging from 60 to 125 hp, this propeller model demonstrates perfect quality with an impressive paint finish that looks great and contributes to enhanced speed.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the propeller’s 13 ¾” diameter and 15-pitch design, combined with its 3-blade configuration, ensures optimal efficiency. Its right-hand rotation and black aluminum finish add a touch of sleekness to your boat’s appearance.

The propeller felt outstandingly well made, performing exceptionally well when it comes to speed, acceleration, or RPMs. This durability extends engine life and maximizes fuel efficiency, ultimately saving you money.

The package includes an interchangeable hub and all necessary hardware, making installation a breeze. The propeller’s compatibility and easy installation guarantee a seamless fit for your boat.

Quickcruiser stands behind its product’s quality and performance, offering a service promise that includes free returns and responsive customer support. Any queries are promptly addressed within 24 hours, accommodating English and Spanish speakers alike.


  • Superior performance
  • Experiences almost no drag
  • Easy fit and installation
  • Includes hub and necessary hardware


  • Not convincingly damage-resistant

What to Consider Before Picking the Best Prop for 90HP Mercury

Selecting the ideal propeller for a 90 HP Mercury engine requires careful deliberation. Let’s look at the factors to consider before picking a prop for 90 HP Memory.

However, before we start discussing, if you want you can read on – How does mercury 2+2 work?

Build Material

Aluminum and Stainless Steel are the most preferred pick for a boat engine. 

Stainless Steel props are favored for their durability and corrosion resistance. But it can cost you a lot for such assurance. 

Aluminum props on the other hand are a great budget-friendly option. Although less robust, Aluminum props can be lightweight and with proper pitch, can get you great acceleration and top speed. 

Number Of Blades

With 3 blades, your boat experiences better efficiency at higher speeds as it creates less drag, allowing the boat to move faster. 3-blade props are cheaper than 4-blade props and easier to maintain and install. 

On the other hand, a 4-blade propeller is better for maneuvering at low-speed riding as it provides more surface area and grip in the water. 

4-blade props are also highly efficient in reducing vibration and noise, allowing you to experience a smoother ride.

Pitch And Diameter

Tailor pitch and diameter to your boat’s size, weight, and engine power. Around 14” diameter and 19 – 21 pitch suits a Merquic 0.0.

Propeller Type

Less propeller pitch, more blade surface, and less rake usually help boats stay on the plane at slower speeds. 

Picking the right type of propeller and design can help you to achieve optimal fuel economy for your boat. 

Budget And Value

It all comes down to your budget when you’re looking for a prop for 2005 90 HP mercury. 

Carefully assess your options within your budget before jumping on to your preferred prop.

Manufacturer And Brand Reputation

You’re more likely to receive quality products from a reputable brand rather than some off-brand products.

A prop is an expensive investment, and you expect it to perform its best for a very long time.

So go for a reputable manufacturer who’ll ensure superior customer support, warranties, and replacement options.

Final Verdict 

That’s our 5 top picks for the best prop for 90 hp mercury. Now let’s do a recap.

SOLAS New Saturn is our best overall prop for a 90-hp mercury 2-stroke engine. The SOLAS Amita 3 is a great budget-friendly alternative with an exclusive squeeze cast process. For reliable durability, control, and easy installation, the Mercury Spitfire is the best 90-hp mercury prop for a 4-stroke engine. The Qiclear 48-77344A45 is also the best deal-breaker for a 4-stroke 90-hp Mercury. And last but not least, get the Quickcruiser Qiclear Marine for ultimate performance and speed. 

You can also check out props from Quicksilver, as it is one of the most popular brands for Propellers.

That’s pretty much it, folks. Have a great ride! But before I finish I am suggesting an article we’ve covered before on Mercury 90 HP 2 Strokes problems.

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