Mercruiser 5.7 Replacement Cost: Factors, Estimates, and Considerations

The Mercruiser 5.7 engine is a popular choice among boat owners for its performance and reliability. However, there may come a time when the engine needs to be replaced due to age, wear, or damage. Knowing the replacement cost is crucial for budgeting and planning purposes. In this article, I’ll explore the Mercruiser 5.7 replacement cost and the factors that affect the replacement cost of a Mercruiser 5.7 engine.

Estimated Replacement Cost for Mercruiser 5.7

To provide a general idea of the replacement cost, the table below outlines the estimated price ranges for 5.7 Mercruiser replacement engines:

Engine TypePrice Range (USD)
OEM Engine$8,000 – $12,000
Remanufactured Engine$4,500 – $7,500
Aftermarket Engine$3,000 – $6,000

Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary based on engine specifications, suppliers, and other factors.

Factors Affecting 5.7 Mercruiser Replacement Cost

Type of Replacement Engine

When considering engine replacement, you have several options:

  1. Engine Specifications and Features: The replacement cost can vary based on the horsepower, fuel type (gasoline or diesel), and technological advancements of the engine. Higher horsepower and advanced features may result in a higher price.
  2. Installation Requirements and Labor Costs: Installing a new engine involves labor charges. The complexity of the installation, accessibility, and additional modifications needed can affect the overall cost.
  3. Additional Components and Accessories: Replacing the engine often involves replacing or upgrading other components and accessories, such as the exhaust system, cooling system, electrical components, and drive system (sterndrive or inboard). These additional costs should be considered.

Researching Replacement Options

To determine the replacement cost for your Mercruiser 5.7 engine, consider the following steps:

  1. Contact Authorized Dealers or Suppliers: Reach out to authorized dealers or suppliers to get quotes for OEM engines and inquire about any available promotions or discounts.
  2. Explore Online Marketplaces and Classifieds: Online platforms and classified ads can provide options for remanufactured or aftermarket engines. Carefully review the seller’s reputation and product reviews before making a purchase.
  3. Consult with Boat Mechanics or Technicians: Seek advice from experienced boat mechanics or technicians who can guide you on the best replacement options and provide estimates based on your specific boat model and requirements.
  4. Compare Prices and Warranties: Compare prices, warranties, and included accessories or components across different suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best value for your investment.

Maintenance and Upkeep Considerations

It’s essential to factor in ongoing maintenance and upkeep costs when budgeting for a replacement engine. Consider the following:

  1. Regular Servicing and Inspection Costs: Budget for routine servicing, oil changes, and inspections to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the new engine.
  2. Fuel Consumption and Operating Expenses: Different engines have varying fuel consumption rates, which will impact your operating expenses. Consider the fuel efficiency of the replacement engine to estimate long-term costs.
  1. Potential Warranty Coverage and Repairs: Check if the replacement engine comes with a warranty, and understand the coverage and duration. This can help you save on repair costs in case of any issues during the warranty period.


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