Suzuki Outboard Oil Light Flashing: 6 Reasons!

Today I’m here with a common Suzuki Outboard problem, Suzuki Outboard Oil Light Flashing.

Encountering an oil light flashing on the dashboard can be a cause for concern among boat owners. In this article, we’ll talk about the possible reasons behind the Suzuki 140 outboard oil light flashing and provide solutions to address these issues properly.

What Does It Mean by Suzuki Outboard Oil Light Flashing?

The Suzuki outboard oil light flashing refers to a warning indicator on the dashboard of a Suzuki outboard boat engine that illuminates or blinks when there is a problem related to the engine’s oil system. When the oil light starts flashing, it serves as an alert to the boat operator that there may be an issue with the engine’s oil supply, oil pressure, or lubrication system, which requires immediate attention.

The oil light is a crucial component of the engine’s onboard diagnostics system designed to protect the engine from potential damage. It detects abnormalities in the oil system and triggers the warning light to prevent further damage to the engine due to low oil levels, inadequate oil pressure, or other oil-related problems.

When the oil light is flashing, it is essential to address the issue promptly to avoid potential engine damage or breakdown. Ignoring the flashing oil light and continuing to operate the engine could lead to serious internal damage, increased wear and tear, and even engine seizure.

To determine the specific cause of the oil light flashing, it is crucial to investigate the engine’s oil level, oil pressure, and overall lubrication system. By identifying and resolving the underlying issue causing the oil light to flash, boat owners can ensure the engine’s longevity, optimal performance, and safe boating experiences. 

Suzuki Outboard Oil Light Flashing: Quick Overview

Before learning about the problem extensively, how about having a quick glance at the causes and solutions?

Low Oil LevelTop up the engine with the recommended oil type.
Faulty Oil Pressure SensorReplace the malfunctioning oil pressure sensor.
Clogged Oil FilterReplace the oil filter with a new, recommended one.
Worn-out Oil PumpConsult a professional mechanic to replace the pump.
Engine OverheatingCheck coolant levels and have the cooling system inspected.

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Reason 1: Low Oil Level 

Low oil level is one of the most common reasons for the oil light to flash. It indicates that the engine is not getting enough lubrication, which can lead to serious engine damage if not addressed promptly.


  • The oil light on the dashboard starts flashing intermittently or stays constantly illuminated.
  • The engine may produce unusual noises or show decreased performance.
  • Increased exhaust smoke.


  • Oil leakage due to damaged seals or gaskets.
  • Insufficient oil was added during the last oil change.
  • Internal engine leaks include faulty oil pumps or worn-out piston rings.


  • Check the oil level on the dipstick and top up if needed with the recommended oil type.
  • Inspect for any visible oil leaks around the engine and repair as necessary.
  • If the problem persists, consult a professional mechanic to identify internal engine issues.

Reason 2: Faulty Oil Pressure Sensor 

The oil pressure sensor is responsible for detecting the engine’s oil pressure and sending signals to the dashboard to activate the oil light when pressure drops below a certain level.


  • The oil light flashes even though the oil level is sufficient.
  • Engine performance seems normal.


  • A malfunctioning oil pressure sensor.
  • Loose or damaged sensor connections.


  • Test the oil pressure using a mechanical gauge to verify the actual pressure.
  • If the pressure is within the recommended range, replace the oil pressure sensor.
  • If the pressure is low, consult a professional mechanic to diagnose and fix the underlying issue.

Reason 3: Clogged Oil Filter 

The oil filter is responsible for removing contaminants from the engine oil. A clogged filter can impede oil flow and cause a drop in oil pressure, triggering the oil light.


  • Fluctuating oil pressure gauge.
  • Difficulty starting the engine.
  • Poor engine performance.


  • Failure to change the oil filter regularly.
  • Using a low-quality or incorrect oil filter.


  • Replace the oil filter with a new, manufacturer-recommended one.
  • Follow the recommended maintenance schedule for oil and filter changes.

Reason 4: Worn-out Oil Pump 

The oil pump is responsible for circulating oil throughout the engine. If the pump wears out or malfunctions, it can lead to inadequate oil pressure and trigger the oil light.


  • Persistent oil light flashing or illumination.
  • Unusual engine noises, such as knocking or ticking.


  • Regular wear and tear due to high mileage or prolonged use.
  • Contaminated oil causing pump damage.


  • Consult a professional mechanic to inspect and replace the oil pump if necessary.
  • Regularly change the engine oil and use high-quality oil to prevent pump damage.

Reason 5: Engine Overheating 

Engine overheating can cause a drop in oil pressure, leading to the oil light flashing.


  • The oil light flashes when the engine temperature rises.
  • The engine temperature gauge indicates overheating.


  • Insufficient coolant levels.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat or cooling system.


  • Check coolant levels regularly and top up if needed.
  • Have the cooling system inspected and repaired by a professional if necessary.

Suzuki outboard oil light flashing should never be ignored, as it can indicate potentially serious issues with the engine. So, be careful of the fact. 

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